Welcome to my Flyshack - I sell quality flies at a price we can all afford.

You can see this is taken a few years ago by the brick of a phone on my waist and the brick of a camera. Hi, I'm Alan Simmons

I have been a full time professional fishing guide for 35 years. Yes I'm getting a bit long in the tooth BUT I do know flies, especially New Zealand ones, and what catch fish.

I have been fortunate to fish with some of the best in the world and have travelled to a number of great fishing destinations all over the world so over the years I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about flies both freshwater and saltwater.

I started Alan's Flyshack in 1995 when the Internet was just getting going but put the site on hold around 2004 because quality had slipped to such a point I felt I could not honestly sell them.
Things have changed with the standard now improving all the time so after engaging a new group of tiers we are on-line again!

Just a few things you should know

  • The shopping cart will add GST 15% to New Zealand delivered orders at the checkout.
  • If you have a problem with any of the flies then let me know. It is important to me that you don't curse and swear on the river as a rubbish fly falls apart or breaks while playing a fish. So remember if you are unhappy then email me.
  • Likewise let me know good stuff by using the feedback in your account.
  • If you create an account you will automatically receive a $5.00 gift voucher to spend on your first order.
  • As an account holder you will receive reward points on each fly you purchase which accumulate towards a discount on your next purchase.
  • All flies are mailed via NZ Post. We have no outwards courier service from our Rural address.
  • I am doing everything I can to keep the price down so I package the flies in small plastic bags and not the plastic fly box we used to use.
  • Within New Zealand postage is free. For international orders because we have to declare them for customs the minimum parcel rate is charged. This is based on weight.
  • Prices are in several different currencies updated weekly. You can select your currency from the drop down list if you prefer.
  • You can pay by using Paypal or your credit card. Your credit card is not processed immediately as we prefer to check our stocks and make any adjustments first. Paypal orders are processed in realtime so if we have to make any changes to your order we have the ability to make instant credits to your account on Paypal.
  • Any problems with order deliveries / payment please email me alan@fishingflies.co.nz
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